In all its projects, PUSAKA develops and builds upon its extensive archive of audio-visual material on culture and the arts in Malaysia and the wider region.

PUSAKA is a cultural organisation established to conduct research and create a comprehensive documentary archive of traditional performance in Malaysia, while strengthening the viability of these traditions at the community level. 

PUSAKA works intimately with some of the most distinguished performers of the Wayang Kulit, Mak Yong, Manora, Main Puteri and Rebana Ubi traditions of Kelantan, and has expanded its work to embrace traditions from other states in Malaysia, including the Mah Meri of Selangor, Kuda Kepang of Johor, Portuguese dance of Malacca, Teochew Puppetry of Penang, and Awang Batil of Perlis. 




Mak Yong Sembah Guru

With Kumpulan Mak Yong Cahaya Matahari

6-8 May 2016, Kampung Pengkalan Atap, Kuala Besut Terengganu

Organised by PUSAKA with the support of the Asia Foundation, as part of PUSAKA's project, Mak Yong Cultural Heritage and Community Empowerment Project

Rebana Ubi 

Kumpulan Rebana Ubi Amok Perdana, Kg. Banggol Perdana, Pasir Mas, Kelantan

Part of PUSAKA's project, Enhancing the Sustainability of the Rebana Ubi tradition, supported by Ekuinas

Kuda Kepang

For the first performance of the PUSAKA Evenings at Publika series, we presented a Kuda Kepang, featuring PUSAKA's performer-partners, Kumpulan Kuda Kepang Parit Raja from Batu Pahat, Johor.

16 February 2014, Black Box, Publika.

Portuguese-Eurasian Music and Dance

Songs of Padri Se Chang, a special performance by 1511 Maliao Maliao Dance Troupe from the Portuguese Community of Malacca for PUSAKA Evenings at Publika.

14 December 2014.

The Mah Meri of Pulau Carey

The Mah Meri (one of the 18 tribes of Orang Asli) of Pulau Carey perform ritual songs and dances, including its well-known mask dance called Mayin Jo-oh. The performance was held at Publika as a part of PUSAKA Evenings at Publika.

April 2015.